First Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2009 was a year of firsts: First married Thanksgiving. First Thanksgiving in new house. First Thanksgiving as hosts. Hosting Thanksgiving seemed like the appropriate thing to do to show off (and make use of) all our lovely wedding presents. After all, we needed to prove that we’d use all our platters and place settings, tablecloths and napkin rings. A large new kitchen with two ovens, a warming drawer, microwave and 6-burner gas stove just called out to be used. Mom and Dad Cronin agreed to make the trip out to Texas for the holiday, and the Jacobs happily agreed to hand over the hosting duties for the year. Everything was falling into place.

Then we find out at the end of October that our lives are being turned upside down. Work in turmoil, question marks surrounding the foreseeable future. In an effort to stay organized and not lose our minds, Microsoft Excel got a workout with lists of tasks and food items required, the cleaning supplies exercised to their fullest. The house was spotless and ready to go. Thanks to the many helping hands and support, our first Thanksgiving turned out to be a huge success with delicious food and wonderful company. Texas weather did not let us down and we had beautiful sunny skies all week, providing an excellent backdrop for working off the excess calories on the tennis court each day. Today on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, the house is all put back together with squeaky clean floors and counters yet again. Christmas decorations are almost complete, and the holiday season is in full swing. We are thankful for our families and the fond memories of Thanksgiving #1.

We survived!

Now on to decorating our first Christmas tree: 9-ft of artificial branches, berries and pine cones purchased the day after Thanksgiving to get the holiday spirit moving. If only we’d be around to enjoy it. Time will tell how this full time travel pans out.

Last Tournament of 2009

This coming weekend is the last tennis tournament of the year (for us… that we know of): Southlake Fall Classic. The seeds were posted yesterday and we discovered that some people up above must be a little confused.  Ben and Kara Jacob, ranked #1 for the mixed doubles 3.5 bracket. Craziness. Kara Jacob, ranked #3 for women’s 3.5 singles. Here’s hoping that we live up to the expectations! Think good thoughts this weekend folks and we’ll post the results when we have them.

To catch you up to speed, we are taking a hiatus this session from the regular Friday night mixed doubles league in anticipation of the holidays. Kara’s first season on a women’s USTA league ended on November 7th with a victory for the team’s first string doubles.  Stay tuned for spring league updates in March.


Our apologies for the delayed update. We won!! Sadly, no trophies to show for all our hard work, simply $15 to the Southlake Pro Shop per win, we’re up to $45… that should buy us some tennis balls at least. Kara won women’s singles, and together, Kara and Ben won their first mixed doubles tournament. A long and brutal weekend of multiple 3 set matches, with black toenails to show for it, but what a victory. The mixed doubles final finished 10 minutes before the thunderstorms rolled in. Victory will provide encouragement for future tournaments to come in 2010.