Basketball Dream Come True

Ben received his long standing wish for a basketball hoop at home. Apparently when he was first house shopping many moons ago, one of the criteria (which he ended up abandoning) was to have a driveway suitable for a basketball hoop. This desire was not specified during the more recent house hunting, and yet, his unspoken desire was fulfilled. Thanks to some Christmas money, we finally splurged and bought ourselves a basketball hoop of our very own. Since we can no longer just walk down to Parr Park and use that hoop, we decided it was time. (What Ben didn’t realize was that half the fun of “playing basketball” in Grapevine was the benefit of having him to walk to the park with me!) came through and our hoop that was supposed to arrive on Monday actually came this morning. After many hours of hard work, some pricked fingers, and sore backs, we now have a completed basketball hoop in our driveway. Word to the wise: Don’t try to put together a glass basketball hoop with high winds, and no houses to block those winds. We had some close calls! Luckily the hoop is up and in one piece, and we are both still standing and without injury. (Let’s see if I can get out of bed in the morning.)

Dad, watch out, we’ll be practicing!


Current Weather at Jacob Manor

I got a weather station for Christmas from the Cronin’s.  I have most of it setup except for the wind device.  It needs to move to higher ground and set to true south.  I have it feeding data to my server which then uploads a custom image of the current weather measurements every 15 minutes or so.  You can find the current weather at the house by clicking on the weather page on the menu to the right.

Unfortunately the link between the station and my pc breaks whenever it is shutdown or is restarted and must be manually put back in sync.  So, not sure how often all this will be working.  I am also thinking about parsing the history.dat file the station creates and somehow displaying the data on another weather page.  We will see.  I think I know the format of the binary file, but the info I got may be wrong.