Madelyn’s 1st Birthday

Sunday afternoon dawned bright and sunny, another beautiful Spring day. Who could have predicted anything else to celebrate the baptism and first birthday of Miss Susan Madelyn Schneider? The church had the cutest altar room just for children with colorful walls and short little benches. After a brief ceremony (could not have been more than 5 minutes, perfect!) we all made our way to Chip and Stefany’s, like little ducklings. Madelyn changed out of her fancy dress into her pink birthday outfit and the party was ready to get started. Most of the family was already there, and friends continued to trickle in. Dad crating a tote bag, mom carrying a baby. Dad crating a tote bag, mom carrying a baby. Dad crating a tote bag, mom carrying a baby. They just kept coming. Unless my eyes were playing tricks on me, there were at least 5 or 6 children all under the age of 1yr. Plus a 2.5 and a 5 yr old. Plus a 4mo old belly baby….. There we stood, blissfully baby drool free, no squirmy wiggle worm in our arms, nor adorable eyes beseeching just a few more minutes with all the commotion before succumbing to a nap. After 3 hours of feeling slightly out of place as the only non-parents, we escaped to the silence of the car, headed to Sunday routine completion.

  1. Pick up rental car, check.
  2. Water plants, check.
  3. Eat dinner, check.
  4. Pack, check.
  5. Time for a walk to explore the neighborhood updates? When I’m lucky 🙂
  6. Relax … time for bed.

Oh how that Sunday routine could be so very different. Maybe someday.

Pictures to come once Ben gets around to it, and then you too can enjoy a few hours in baby land.

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