Backyard Wildlife

There’s a bunny eating my garden! This must be the reason I have no vegetables. It has nothing to do with the fact that we are rarely home and put all our faith in the sprinkler system. Mr. Bunny thought he was being sneaky and would never be spotted aside from his droppings. Alas, he was caught up on our patio this morning, and then in motion as he scurried away.

IMG_3891.jpg IMG_3892.jpg

The question of the day: Vegetables or wildlife?


I hope Mr. Bunny won’t scare the birds away from their new feeding post.

One thought on “Backyard Wildlife

  1. Watching wildlife in your backyard is great. When I lived in BC in a rental home I had a small stream in my backyard, so I could watch the ducks, carp, muskrats, groundhogs, and deer. Then I fed the birds and there were tons that came to feed. That also brought the raccoons up on my upper deck where they ate all they could and then tried to come through my screen door. It was great.

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