Dear Lisbet

Dear Lisbet,

Thank you for bringing the family together again in Naples, Florida last weekend, despite the unfortunate circumstances. Your children are amazing, your siblings are divine. We will treasure you forever in our memories and you will live on. Thank you for sharing your wild and free spirit with your family and the world, we are all better people for having had you in our lives. We love you. May you finally find your peace, whether it be as a beautiful butterfly or a sleek dolphin.

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One thought on “Dear Lisbet

  1. Hi – I just found your blog, and hoped to see the photos from Lisbet’s service. My parents were there, but I was not able to make it down. I am Lisbet’s great friend from college, and always thereafter. Our parents became friends too, in Naples, which was a beautiful thing! I miss Lisbet very much and am glad that you have lifted her memory up here. xo Ann

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