Jacob Creek bed, culmination of a busy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving 2010 has proved to be a wonderful affair of staying put. Of course, that does not mean staying put on the couch. Wednesday morning dawned bright and early and after being home for several days for a change, we’d finally had a chance to regroup (slightly). Ready to tackle the next project with the remaining days home before we hit the road again, I quickly researched mulch and rock delivery options. Dismayed that last minute plans may be disrupted by holiday schedules, I did not give up. At 8:30am on Wednesday morning I hit the jackpot. Good prices, great selection, not so bad delivery fee, and best of all, same day delivery! By 12:45 pm we had 1 ton of 2″ – 8″ Colorado Cobbles and 6 cu yards of hardwood mulch sitting in our driveway. Apparently 6 cu yards is a hefty amount.

Taking Wednesday afternoon off to begin the exciting yard rejuvenation project, I dug right in, literally. After 2.5 hours, one side of the house was safely tucked away for the anticipated morning freeze; there was a minimal dent in the driveway mulch pile. I decided it was time to tackle the next task of Christmas shopping and pie baking before I broke my back.


Smart decision considering I had the 10k Ft Worth Turkey Trot to run the next morning. (Side note: Megan and I beat her personal record despite frigid, windy, wet conditions Thursday morning. Go team! Having a good running partner makes all the difference in the world. Thanks Megan for the entertainment, looking forward to our continued runs! See my running tracks to follow along.)

Friday the pile of mulch laughs at me daring me to begin again. Day 2 gets off to a slightly slower start overshadowed by the need to pull all the droopy, brown annuals that didn’t fare so well in the season’s first freeze. Not to mention the mounds of red ants that seem to find me wherever I go and needed to be addressed first. Die, ants, die! Several hours later and I only succeeded in completing the new tree beds. Darkness begins to fall and I move on to the task of advent calendar creations. My hour spent attempting to create a festive calendar was rewarded by a shocked and excited face. I think Ben is excited for December 1st 🙂 So excited in fact that he agreed to put up the Christmas tree. The morning spent cleaning and preparing did not go to waste!


The days home are slipping away, but two workers are better than one. Saturday we finish the mulching both front and back (with almost 2 cu yards left, oops…), and we made a great start on our new dry creek bed… 4.5 hours later. Luckily we had a pot of homemade vegetable soup simmering all day to celebrate a hard day’s work and to soothe aching muscles. Not to mention the recorded IU football game and Notre Dame live that evening, both victorious thank goodness. With football in the background, hot chocolate and tea, pumpkin pie and Christmas candles burning, we decorated the tree. Not a bad way to spend Saturday night if I do say so myself.

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Just when our backs are about broken, we finish the creek bed on Sunday morning. I hope you like the outcome. More pictures can be seen by clicking on those below.

IMG_4494.jpg IMG_4496.jpg IMG_4488.jpg IMG_4491.jpg

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