Last tournament of 2010

Another tournament down on the books, unfortunately it’s not a win. The Southlake tournament lived up to its standards of being chilly but beautiful, we both have rosy cheeks as proof. More notably, it lived up to its standards of long and numerous matches, resulting in two (three!) very sore individuals.

Kara played women’s 4.0 doubles with Teresa and lost in the consolation finals on Sunday morning.

Ben and Steve played men’s 3.5 doubles round robin and had many good points, they just aren’t quite reflected in the scores.

Kara and Ben played mixed 3.5 doubles and toppled from their #1 ranking.

Summary of Saturday & Sunday

  • Kara: 5 matches, 12 sets, 9.5 hours, 2 wins. Consolation finalist for Women’s Doubles, Consolation winner for Mixed Doubles.
  • Ben: 4 matches, 9 sets, 1 win (very sad.  I blame my partners of course).  Consolation winner for Mixed Doubles.

Better luck next time ….

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