Celebrating family – R.I.P. Grandma Yentes

Despite the circumstances, last week was a wonderful visit with family in Indiana. Tears and laughter were shared while reliving memories old and new. Grandchildren and great-grandchildren played together, building the foundation for future Yentes family reunions.

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Yentes siblings learning about digital cameras


Yentes siblings


Reuniting with childhood playmates.


Time to make more memories!

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Spring has Sprung

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Winter is over, at least the worst of it is here in Texas. February closed out the season with several icy blasts and various snow “storms”, several of which caused concern for the tender plant life.


Now that all traces of snow and ice are gone, new life is beginning, at least in some areas.


Daffodils peeking through happen to coincide with the beginning of tennis season. The weather toyed with us starting off the weekend and Friday night league with a balmy 70 degree victory. Saturday morning dawned brisk and gray reminding us that winter is not quite over (40 degree tennis … brr … at least it was another victory).


Life will continue as new flowers bloom and older flowers move on. How many more buds will great us home from wintry Indiana?

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