San Diego Exploration

Here are the other pictures from San Diego (June 24-29). We went through them Saturday to try and narrow them down but there were just too many good ones to be frugal. They go in the following order:

1. Hiking on Saturday up to a reservoir before the rehearsal dinner (Dane, we thought of you as the crazy mountain bikers went up the steep rocks!),

IMG_5279.jpg IMG_5290.jpg IMG_5298.jpg

2. Exploring one of the famous California sites of the Spanish American War,

IMG_5300.jpg IMG_5301.jpg

3.  The animals at Safari Park Zoo on Sunday morning with Stacy and Laurie (you’ll notice that Laurie and I bought matching hats, and we got to see a newborn gorilla!),

IMG_5318.jpg IMG_5341.jpg IMG_5342.jpg IMG_5362.jpg

4. Monday we went downtown to San Diego, first to Old Town Historic State Park,

IMG_5525.jpg IMG_5527.jpg IMG_5537.jpg

5. Then to Coronado Island (the first few pics of the foggy beach are super close to Mexico),

IMG_5548.jpg IMG_5552.jpg

6. Coronado Island –  the more famous part along the beach and marina with Hotel Del Coronado – the sun came out and it was gorgeous!,

IMG_5558.jpg IMG_5559.jpg IMG_5569.jpg

7. Tuesday morning sea kayaking adventure in caves and with kelp are in a separate photo album.  It was hard paddling out to begin with because we had to paddle through the waves. On the return we “surfed” on the kayaks back to shore.  Unfortunately Ben got stuck behind another couple that had flipped and he couldn’t avoid them soon enough so he flipped too. 🙂

R1-01015-004A.jpg R1-01015-010A.jpg R1-01015-007A.jpg R1-01015-022A.jpg

8. Tuesday afternoon hiking at Torrey del Paines (near our hotel, which was right on the Torrey Pines golf course in La Jolla – first pic of golf course is from our private hotel patio)

IMG_5630.jpg IMG_5637.jpg IMG_5610.jpg IMG_5617.jpg

9. Wednesday morning on the last day we went into La Jolla again for breakfast and we walked around watching the seals,

IMG_5651.jpg IMG_5659.jpg IMG_5660.jpg IMG_5662.jpg

10. Last we drove into downtown San Diego again and walked around the harbor and USS Midway (but we didn’t pay to go on it, not enough time … or desire).

IMG_5676.jpg IMG_5684.jpg

Full photos of the San Diego excursion can be found in the Photo Gallery at

The sea kayaking album is smaller, and from a disposable camera we purchased for the adventure:

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