2 Years Down, Many More to Go

We celebrated our two year anniversary with the honeymoon trip we had always talked about to the Northwest. Though we contemplated Canada and Oregon as well, we settled on a few days in Seattle accompanied by rest and relaxation in a private house on San Juan Island (found by our trusty travel agent, Dad). It was better than we could’ve hoped for.

True to Seattle weather, the first couple days were cool and mostly cloudy with sprinkles here and there. Coming from too many 100+ degree days it was pure heaven – at least for half the crowd – though you can’t tell which half in these pictures can you? 😉

IMG_2689.jpg IMG_6010.jpg

To stay warm on our morning walk we ducked into the Seattle Aquarium with our coffee deciding to keep our tradition going of an aquarium and/or zoo or animal excursion of some sort on every vacation. Though there were no penguins, sea otters kept us happy. (Or was it the thought of relaxing with the Notre Dame game later that afternoon?)


We lucked out waking up to a gorgeous blue sky on the 19th mimicking our wedding day, except with the sun glistening off the Pacific rather than the Atlantic.


Whales, whales, and more whales! We spent a good portion of the afternoon on a somewhat private whale watching tour with just two other couples and our tour guide Captain Spencer, ogling the 80+ whales in the pod. Apparently it was a good day for whales! We even saw a baby whale jumping along.


IMG_6157.jpg  IMG_6160.jpg  IMG_6185.jpg

To add to that, seal pups frolicked in the water and came to say hello. The next day we got a closer view of them as well as an older seal while we were climbing along the rocks in the Lime Kiln National Park.

IMG_2808.jpg  IMG_2804.jpg  IMG_2816.jpg

We’ve attempted to put some of our favorite photos from the trip into a shorter “Seattle Favorites” album, but if you’re up for flipping through some pages take a look at both the smaller album and the bigger Seattle album for some beautiful shots.


We will definitely be going back to the Northwest.

IMG_2780.jpg <- Sunset over Canada from our house on San Juan Island

IMG_6350.jpg  IMG_6351.jpg <- Olympic Mountains from the porch



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