Welcome, Jacob Arthur Brooks!

November 17, 2011 around 9:20am, Jacob Arthur Brooks finally decided to exit his cozy home of the past 9+ months. Jake’s long stay in the womb resulted in an extremely healthy baby weighing 8 lbs 10 oz and measuring 20″ long. Way to hang in there for the many, many hours of labor Megan!


First photo of the happy, expanded Brooks family! More photos available here.


Jacob, we love you already. After a few trips to the hospital to keep your parents company while waiting, we’re glad you’re finally here!

IMG_6485.jpg IMG_6489.jpg

Almost, but not quite

After a long weekend of tennis in the Fall 2011 Southlake tennis tournament, mild disappointment lingers.  Taking a break from both singles and doubles for a change, I was able to watch all of Ben’s singles matches (first freezing Saturday morning, then roasting Sunday morning … I think Texas is confused and forgot it’s November).  I sure did miss the singles play, but my body is probably grateful.

What a difference a year makes. Though we still haven’t been playing much, it was more than last year and that was visible. Ben put up a great fight each of the matches, but was ultimately defeated in a grueling 3-set consolation finals match. Click here for complete results.

On top of all his singles matches, Ben helped pull the team along for our 3 mixed doubles matches (though he might not be able to walk tomorrow).  Sadly, we lost in the finals Sunday afternoon.  Considering it’s the first time playing 4.0 Mixed Doubles, I guess we shouldn’t be too disappointed with the results. We even got trophies (and sunburns).

Maybe next year. Until then, ice cream heals all wounds.