Almost, but not quite

After a long weekend of tennis in the Fall 2011 Southlake tennis tournament, mild disappointment lingers.  Taking a break from both singles and doubles for a change, I was able to watch all of Ben’s singles matches (first freezing Saturday morning, then roasting Sunday morning … I think Texas is confused and forgot it’s November).  I sure did miss the singles play, but my body is probably grateful.

What a difference a year makes. Though we still haven’t been playing much, it was more than last year and that was visible. Ben put up a great fight each of the matches, but was ultimately defeated in a grueling 3-set consolation finals match. Click here for complete results.

On top of all his singles matches, Ben helped pull the team along for our 3 mixed doubles matches (though he might not be able to walk tomorrow).  Sadly, we lost in the finals Sunday afternoon.  Considering it’s the first time playing 4.0 Mixed Doubles, I guess we shouldn’t be too disappointed with the results. We even got trophies (and sunburns).

Maybe next year. Until then, ice cream heals all wounds.

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