It’s a Girl!

We decided it’s finally time to share our big news through the social media networks. Early November 2012, there will be a new resident in the Jacob household! We’re just about halfway through our journey as new parents-to-be and so far have managed to survive the weeks of sickness, anxious waiting and secrecy in between all the doctor appointments.

Here’s a little calendar of events and photo journey to catch you up on the ever expanding host and our growing alien, who will be 19 weeks tomorrow.

March 3-9, 2012: Blissfully unaware of the dietary and activity restrictions that should have been followed during our Montana vacation (oops!)

March 21, 2012: The excitement and stress begins with doctor confirmation of 6 weeks 1 day. The doctor was as shocked and pleasantly surprised as we were. Guess it’s not the flu after all.

 April 2, 2012: The photo journey begins just shy of 8 weeks (7 weeks, 6 days). Heartbeat = 139

7 weeks 6 days profile shot

April 16, 2012: Birthday present to Ben a day late: confirmation that all is well though measured only 9 weeks 3 days vs 9 weeks 6 days and yes, even that slight slow down made me nervous. Heartbeat = 133.

9 weeks 3-6 days

April 30, 2012: Waving to us and profile shot while kicking away at 11 weeks 6 days. Heartbeat = 169 (very active today!) We also got to listen to the heartbeat via Doppler 🙂

baby-jacob almost 12 weeks

May 21, 2012: Skipped a few weeks of profile pics, but here’s 14 weeks 6 days.

14 weeks 6 days belly shot!

May 30, 2012: Enjoying a week at home and some new clothes; 16 weeks 1 day with evidence of the daily shots on the belly and increasing appetite :-/

16 week 1 day profile with new shirt belly shot - with literal shot mark visible

May 31, 2012: The excruciating wait for the next doctor confirmation is over, relief! 16 weeks, 2 days. Heartbeat = 152. Ben enjoyed watching the feet in the air kicking again, and enjoyed it even more at the next visit with some elbow jabs thrown in there.

close up profile 16 wk 2 day Daddy-to-be

June 8, 2012: No pictures since we can’t find them, but this was our last night of competitive mixed doubles tennis for the foreseeable future (not counting continued hitting with family as long as it’s not too hot). We won all three sets.

June 13, 2012: Oklahoma City belly shot thrown into the mix, 18 weeks 1 day

18wks 1 day

June 18, 2012: It’s a girl! 18 weeks, 6 days. Heartbeat = 147 just shy of 9am, and = 158 at 9:30am after responding to some poking, prodding and wiggling around to get her to flip around for gender confirmation. She did a complete 180 in between photo sessions while we were talking to the doctor  … guess there is enough room in there after all 🙂

06-18-2012 baby girl.jpg

Stay tuned for more pictures and stories as reality sinks in.



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  1. Kara and Ben – I just love how you are documenting and share all of this.  Awesome!

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