Month 8 Belly Pics: Third Trimester is Here

We’ve grown so accustomed to speaking in weeks that it hadn’t dawned on us we’re actually well into month 8 of our journey now and have been in the third trimester for a while. Of course now there are the increased potty breaks (really, when did they ever decrease?), feeling (and seeing) the stronger kicks that are reminiscent of the show Fringe where there’s an alien trying to escape the belly, and the growing pile of baby gear people have kindly bestowed upon us that is taking over our dining room table, but even with all that and more, the fact that in no time at all our lives will be permanently altered still seems a bit surreal.  The weekly sonograms where we see increasingly chubby cheeks, more defined features and a personality developing before our eyes haven’t exactly made it sink in (we made that little smiling face?), but they certainly don’t hurt.

August 20, 2012: Start of week 28. Hand under chin and a little smile at us in the bottom picture.


August 27, 2012: In the bottom picture of three she is pointing her finger up to say hello.


All the articles say the third trimester is when you are supposed to slow down and start taking things easy because you get tired more easily. I guess I missed that message somewhere between constant work travel, weekly yard work, baking, house chores, tennis tournaments, water aerobics and daily walks. Not to mention how much progress we’ve made the last month and a half on the nursery (post with full before and after pictures to come once we’re a bit farther along). Maybe that’s how the third trimester was able to sneak up on us. I’m sure it will continue to pass us by in a flash now that football and tennis season are both in full swing (she is learning to be a sport spectator at a very early age to support her daddy).  At least we finally made an appointment with a prospective pediatrician and will be able to report that progress to the doctor (he was not impressed with our nursery progress since “that is for you, not for the baby”).  Did anyone else find that their pregnancy went terrifyingly slow and then surprisingly fast, or are we the only ones in la-la land?

Updated photos of the ever expanding belly.

August 24, 2012: 28 wks 3 days

28wks 3 days.jpg 28wks 3 days - side.jpg belly shot 28 wks.jpg

September 6, 2012: 30 wks 2 days (Picture taken right before we went to our first baby class where we learned all sorts of baby care basic refreshers and new tips, more classes to look forward to in October!)

30wks 2 days.jpg 30wks 2 days side view.jpg belly shot 30 wks

September 9, 2012: Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! Did you know it would take 34 years to become grandparents, or have your first “face-time” chat? And happy birthday to Grandma Cronin who I know is smiling down on us from above. Love you!

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