People keep asking if we are nesting yet. I suppose the answer would be yes, though what some people refer to as “nesting” I think of as everyday life of a person who’s now also trying to deal with restless legs and even more of a wandering mind at night. My parents instilled in me at an early age the sense of guilt and laziness for sleeping in too long and letting a day go to waste, especially when the weather is nice. Whether they intended to or not, this made me a morning person (poor Ben!). On the flip side, my brother somehow escaped that feeling and took the night owl gene enjoying the quiet solitude of dark rather than dawn, as does Ben. Our little girl seems to have combined both elements in the womb making sure to let me know that she’s awake with her rolls, kicks and punches taunting me: “Why are you lying here doing nothing? Get up!” We’re in trouble!


Has anyone else suffered from restless legs and racing minds in the last weeks of pregnancy? Any tips for relief? So far the only solutions I’ve found have been:

  • Get out of bed and be productive by organizing closets or responding to emails
  • Take a warm bath right before bed and hope the soothing effects last long enough to fall asleep
  • Get out of bed to stretch (unfortunately this only provides that enjoyable “good pain” while I’m in the act of stretching)
  • Try and ignore it and lay in bed running through mental lists of what to tackle the next day (does not solve anything but sometimes I am too stubborn to give up on sleep and my cozy bed … which ironically probably causes more of a problem than if I were to try something else)

While another solution to quell the wandering mind would be to reduce the list of worries racing through one’s head, it seems each time an item is crossed off the “to-do” list it is miraculously replaced by another topic in warp speed. Luckily the majority of the big-ticket items have been accomplished (in no particular order):

  1. Car seat obtained, installed, and inspected
  2. Strollers assembled and clean
  3. Maternity photos taken (waiting until 36 weeks was pushing it but they still turned out great! A big thanks to our brother-in-law Brian Brooks and Double B Photography.)
  4. All critical baby items obtained, cleaned, and put away (for the most part)
  5. Nursery and guest room closets organized (and reorganized again and again)
  6. Baby classes completed
  7. 4-door cars test driven (and maybe selection made if we’re willing to wait 6-8 weeks)
  8. Food stash in progress, including homemade pumpkin bread frozen in chunks (critical fall item!) Next up, chocolate chip cookies …
  9. Nursery increasingly put together with the understanding that it likely won’t be perfect before she arrives, but she’ll be in our room anyway so I should stop fretting, right?
  10. Name selected, hopefully it sticks 🙂


A sampling of the remaining to-do list:

  1. Pack hospital bag
  2. Get everything settled at work and STOP working to relax (wishful thinking)
  3. Finish nursery (includes selecting various photos for the wall which is always the hardest part)
  4. Bake more
  5. Begin baby book
  6. Clean and get all laundry done (this is partially on the completed list but it’s a never ending task!)
  7. etc, etc, etc ………..

As always, additional pictures can be found in the photo gallery.

almost 38 weeks



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