7 Months and Counting

Summer is upon us and we are long overdue for an update – has it really been over 5 months since a post?

Olivia is growing by leaps and bounds, her character showing more each day. She is curious about everything and loves to stare at people and her surroundings. You can see the wheels turning behind her gorgeous blue eyes as she studies and absorbs what she sees, hears, smells, feels and tastes (her hands are on everything, and everything must be put in her mouth – including hair, glasses, noses etc … so don’t get too close if you don’t want to be slobbered on!)

Formula free since 3 months old (we made it!), we are not in a rush to risk the nursing relationship by forcing solids. Even if we were, Miss Olivia might not be up for it based on the minimal progress of our baby-led weaning:

  • Carrots: Fail (with the exception of her chunk of peeled carrot as a teether which she loves!)
  • Avocado: somewhat successful
  • Peas: somewhat successful
  • Green beans: started out successful, now spit out
  • Rice cereal: Making progress (especially if sweetened by her Vitamin D).
  • Butternut Squash: Fail
  • Baked Potato: Fail
  • Sweet Potato: Fail
  • Banana: maybe successful, too soon to tell

We continue to manage work and parenting relationship through significant help from the nannies and grandparents, while forgoing sleep and any life of our own as we once knew it. Gone are the days of lazing around watching our TV shows on DVR, leisurely dinners out, gardening, exercising, winning tennis tournaments and more. What little time we are able to carve out for ourselves is usually taken in shifts, or in place of sleep. “Time for ourselves” is now defined as catching up on work, laundry and other household chores. Sorry to all our friends and family who we never see or talk to anymore.

Sleeping rituals have become much more pleasant since we decided to co-sleep around 3 months old or so. We already were for the most part so when we finally decided to consciously share our bed it was a relief to no longer be questioning “do we dare put her in the bassinet or just keep her here?”. Though it doesn’t necessarily mean no tears or fighting bedtime, overall life is better. Finally around 7 months or so naps have gotten a little better in the bassinet as well vs constantly being held. Sleep is still a work in progress…

Pictures continue to be posted in Olivia’s folder for those who like to stay current on her latest smiles. Don’t be fooled, she has quite the set of lungs but we try to spare you shots of crocodile tears.

Stay tuned for more adventures with Olivia.

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