Olivia’s First Birthday!

Olivia’s first birthday was a whole weekend affair, as it should be. Family came for the weekend and a couple friends came for cake on Saturday. Her actual birthday (Friday, Nov 8) started out with gorgeous blue skies and crisp fall air. Unfortunately by the time we got to the Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens high level clouds had rolled in dampening the birthday girl’s mood (or could be lack of sleep that did that!) Luckily we were still able to get a few cute pictures (visit the album link below to see more).

Saturday afternoon was the actual birthday party celebrated with family, Olivia’s sitter who’s like family, and her closest friend who’s just 2 weeks older. We made home made whole wheat apple-spice cake with plum tinted cream cheese frosting for a smash cake, optimistic that she would dig in and try it out. From the facial expressions when presenting the cake, we could’ve put poison in there for all that it mattered. At least the guests enjoyed a sampling of the cake!

Hours spent on Pinterest for decoration ideas were well received.

The rest of the weekend was spent enjoying Mormor and GrandPooBah on their visit from MA, and Aunt Ingrid and Cousin Nils who came to celebrate from AL. Olivia loved spending time with Nils, who loved spending time with Ben (who wouldn’t?).


Full album of birthday weekend photos available here.


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