Cape Escape 2011

Returning to reality after a much needed vacation is always difficult, but a necessary evil in order to make vacation something special. Despite the original weather forecast of rain every day, we were pleasantly surprised with gorgeous blue skies on Friday, and periodic sunshine for the rest of the trip.

IMG_4968.jpg IMG_4982.jpg IMG_4999.jpg

As per usual, it’s difficult to jump into vacation and leave work entirely behind, especially when trying to juggle too many tasks. A Friday afternoon jog provided the necessary leg stretching and fresh sea air to shove work to the back of the brain and replace it with a vacation mentality (4.34 miles per Garmin, amazing what a difference the view makes to make the time fly).

Just for good measure, it was time to tack on a seashore stroll and photo shoot to fully capture the beautiful Friday.

IMG_5016.jpg IMG_5036.jpg IMG_5026.jpg

We were able to get one step further into the vacation embrace with the arrival of Kate, Stu and Abby Friday evening. Who can resist those sweet eyes and baby embrace?I miss them already!

IMG_5044.jpg IMG_5114.jpg

Abby enjoyed the wrapping paper on her present a bit more than the soft pillow itself, but what can you do?


We braved the threat of rain for Ben’s first trip to the islands … Martha’s Vineyard that is. The Caribbean will have to be another trip. Temperatures reached 70 and we all got some pink cheeks. It’s not just Texas where the weather can change on a dime. Note the sky changing as we make our way around the island. Starting out with sunshine on the ferry out of Woods hole passing through clouds, arriving at more sunshine in Vineyard Haven to see lighthouses.

IMG_5128.jpg IMG_5142.jpg IMG_5168.jpg

Shopping and lunch in Oak Bluffs where the weather then turns back to clouds and even some rain.

IMG_5191.jpg IMG_5195.jpg

We escape the drizzle in Edgartown to watch fudge being made, then proceed to the South Shore where the wind whips along the water.



We toured around the tip of Gay Head through trees reminiscent of curvy Irish roads opening to cliffs and another lighthouse.


Then back on to Vineyard Haven (with only a few dead ends) for some final shopping and to catch the ferry home.

IMG_5234.jpg IMG_5243.jpg

Looking forward to the next escape!

For more pictures click on any of the above thumbnails or visit the Photo Gallery. Additional pictures including the few group photos and Yahtzee with Grandma are available via Dad’s photo gallery:

P.S. We won’t hold back on the tennis court next time.

Warrior Dash

Go Warriors! Great job, Lisa. Glad we could share the fun!


For full photos go to:

Before: IMG_4849.jpg After: IMG_4897.jpg

To get to the finish you had to go through the fire

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And into the mud

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Some people really got into it …

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Celebrating family – R.I.P. Grandma Yentes

Despite the circumstances, last week was a wonderful visit with family in Indiana. Tears and laughter were shared while reliving memories old and new. Grandchildren and great-grandchildren played together, building the foundation for future Yentes family reunions.

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Yentes siblings learning about digital cameras


Yentes siblings


Reuniting with childhood playmates.


Time to make more memories!

* More pictures available in the Photo Gallery, or by clicking on the images above.


I am sure Kara will add alot more details about our trip.  We spent about 10 ten days traveling to Ireland.  I am slowly adding pictures to our gallery.  I have some of the photos from our last two days.  I don’t know why I am working backwards.

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I hope with Kara’s help (and maybe Dennis) to tag a google map of Ireland with our trip details and somehow post it up here.  I know we landed in Dublin and immediately drove west all the way to Galway.  We then seemed to drive around the southern coast before ending back in Dublin for the last few days.  There were waterfalls, caves, cliffs, and a very green landscape.

Indiana Summer

I dragged Kara to another family gathering in Fort Wayne, IN. The ticket prices led us to go through Indy. This meant we skipped the usual Friday rituals and hung around Indy and saw my college friend Tim and his wife Andi. Kara had not seen Indy yet so we walked the canals in downtown while waiting for Tim to leave work. In the pictures you can probably sense the heat and humidity. The storm clouds signaled our retreat. The edge of the front hit us on the walk back to the car. It must have dropped about 5 degrees and was suddenly extremely windy. We just made it to the car before the down pour hit. While we drove to a cafe near Tim’s house I was thinking what a blast Tim must be having riding his Harley home in the storm. It only lasted about a half hour and when Andi arrived she didn’t even know it rained. We had a nice dinner and visit with friends, and hit the road to Fort Wayne.

We did the usual Saturday visiting with family. Always good to see everyone. We played tennis in the morning. Joe forgot both his tennis racquet and tennis shoes, so he did not play. On Sunday we heading back to Indy in morning and spend a couple hours at the botanical gardens and the zoo. The gardens included a butterfly exhibit. Kara has plenty of butterfly pics somewhere. She even managed to find penguins at the zoo. I am sure she has plenty pics of those as well. As usual I had to drag her away from them. She is penguin crazy.


Madelyn’s 1st Birthday

Sunday afternoon dawned bright and sunny, another beautiful Spring day. Who could have predicted anything else to celebrate the baptism and first birthday of Miss Susan Madelyn Schneider? The church had the cutest altar room just for children with colorful walls and short little benches. After a brief ceremony (could not have been more than 5 minutes, perfect!) we all made our way to Chip and Stefany’s, like little ducklings. Madelyn changed out of her fancy dress into her pink birthday outfit and the party was ready to get started. Most of the family was already there, and friends continued to trickle in. Dad crating a tote bag, mom carrying a baby. Dad crating a tote bag, mom carrying a baby. Dad crating a tote bag, mom carrying a baby. They just kept coming. Unless my eyes were playing tricks on me, there were at least 5 or 6 children all under the age of 1yr. Plus a 2.5 and a 5 yr old. Plus a 4mo old belly baby….. There we stood, blissfully baby drool free, no squirmy wiggle worm in our arms, nor adorable eyes beseeching just a few more minutes with all the commotion before succumbing to a nap. After 3 hours of feeling slightly out of place as the only non-parents, we escaped to the silence of the car, headed to Sunday routine completion.

  1. Pick up rental car, check.
  2. Water plants, check.
  3. Eat dinner, check.
  4. Pack, check.
  5. Time for a walk to explore the neighborhood updates? When I’m lucky 🙂
  6. Relax … time for bed.

Oh how that Sunday routine could be so very different. Maybe someday.

Pictures to come once Ben gets around to it, and then you too can enjoy a few hours in baby land.