New Photo Application


We made the leap from Gallery2 to Gallery3.  Slow integration with WordPress kept us from upgrading earlier.  The old Gallery is still there to keep the images in prior posts working, but all future photos will only be hosted in the new one.  At some point I hope to go through and migrate all the old post images to the new application so I can get rid of the duplication.

As usual you can view our adventures by clicking on the PHOTOS link above.  Hope you like the new look.



New Domain name Aquired. suddenly became available and I snatched it up.  I think we will probably keep the as the main domain.  Kara likes to call it Jacob Family dot ‘Us’.  So, now if you accidentally try it will lead you to dot ‘us’.

Current Weather at Jacob Manor

I got a weather station for Christmas from the Cronin’s.  I have most of it setup except for the wind device.  It needs to move to higher ground and set to true south.  I have it feeding data to my server which then uploads a custom image of the current weather measurements every 15 minutes or so.  You can find the current weather at the house by clicking on the weather page on the menu to the right.

Unfortunately the link between the station and my pc breaks whenever it is shutdown or is restarted and must be manually put back in sync.  So, not sure how often all this will be working.  I am also thinking about parsing the history.dat file the station creates and somehow displaying the data on another weather page.  We will see.  I think I know the format of the binary file, but the info I got may be wrong.



This will be the new site that takes off where the wedding site left off.  Hopefully Kara will keep up the blog and we will upload future photos and media.