Last Tournament of 2009

This coming weekend is the last tennis tournament of the year (for us… that we know of): Southlake Fall Classic. The seeds were posted yesterday and we discovered that some people up above must be a little confused.  Ben and Kara Jacob, ranked #1 for the mixed doubles 3.5 bracket. Craziness. Kara Jacob, ranked #3 for women’s 3.5 singles. Here’s hoping that we live up to the expectations! Think good thoughts this weekend folks and we’ll post the results when we have them.

To catch you up to speed, we are taking a hiatus this session from the regular Friday night mixed doubles league in anticipation of the holidays. Kara’s first season on a women’s USTA league ended on November 7th with a victory for the team’s first string doubles.  Stay tuned for spring league updates in March.


Our apologies for the delayed update. We won!! Sadly, no trophies to show for all our hard work, simply $15 to the Southlake Pro Shop per win, we’re up to $45… that should buy us some tennis balls at least. Kara won women’s singles, and together, Kara and Ben won their first mixed doubles tournament. A long and brutal weekend of multiple 3 set matches, with black toenails to show for it, but what a victory. The mixed doubles final finished 10 minutes before the thunderstorms rolled in. Victory will provide encouragement for future tournaments to come in 2010.