Celebrating family – R.I.P. Grandma Yentes

Despite the circumstances, last week was a wonderful visit with family in Indiana. Tears and laughter were shared while reliving memories old and new. Grandchildren and great-grandchildren played together, building the foundation for future Yentes family reunions.

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Yentes siblings learning about digital cameras


Yentes siblings


Reuniting with childhood playmates.


Time to make more memories!

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Cronins visit Texas

A short but fun visit, leaving everyone wanting more. More tennis, more food, more games, more shopping, more exploring. Guess that means they will just have to come back!

Texas weather provided a nice relief from the New England winter, though some may think a bit too much relief for November. We enjoyed 2 tennis matches (some more than others) and a visit to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, which are surprisingly large!

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The highlight of the trip may have been seeing all the updates to 525 Silverado Trail, or perhaps visiting with the Jacob clan and bonding over delicious Cincinnati chili.

What’s next?

Dear Lisbet

Dear Lisbet,

Thank you for bringing the family together again in Naples, Florida last weekend, despite the unfortunate circumstances. Your children are amazing, your siblings are divine. We will treasure you forever in our memories and you will live on. Thank you for sharing your wild and free spirit with your family and the world, we are all better people for having had you in our lives. We love you. May you finally find your peace, whether it be as a beautiful butterfly or a sleek dolphin.

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Journey through Southern Ireland

May 28, 2010 – June 5, 2010

Here is a map of our journey through Western and Southern Ireland. Don’t be deceived by some of the apparently short trips. There are some windy roads in Ireland! More details and descriptions of the vacation to come, but for now you can let your mind wander through the various paths we took. The routes may not be exactly precise since some days we were off the beaten path, but they should be close. Thank you to everyone who gave us suggestions on where to go!

Ireland: What a Beautiful Country!

  • Day 1 = Red: Friday, May 28th: Land, Wait, Drive, Struggle to keep eyes open, Galway / Salthill
  • Day 2 = Yellow: Saturday, May 29th: Galway & hike on the rocks along the way, Cliffs of Moher
  • Day 3 = Blue: Sunday, May 30th: Doolin Cave and drive south w/ ferry
  • Day 4 = Pink: Monday, May 31st: Killarney Nat’l Park and Dingle Peninsula
  • Day 5 = Light Blue: Tuesday, June 1st: Kinsale & Blarney Castle
  • Day 6 = Green: Wednesday, June 2nd: DRIVE, castle along the way, another Nat’l Park, Powerscourt … closed
  • Day 7 – 9 = Purple: Thurs – Sat, June 3 – 5: Dublin

Sponsored by The Adventurers:

  • Dennis & Karen Cronin
  • Benjamin & Kara Jacob
  • Dane Cronin & Claire Callahan


I am sure Kara will add alot more details about our trip.  We spent about 10 ten days traveling to Ireland.  I am slowly adding pictures to our gallery.  I have some of the photos from our last two days.  I don’t know why I am working backwards.

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I hope with Kara’s help (and maybe Dennis) to tag a google map of Ireland with our trip details and somehow post it up here.  I know we landed in Dublin and immediately drove west all the way to Galway.  We then seemed to drive around the southern coast before ending back in Dublin for the last few days.  There were waterfalls, caves, cliffs, and a very green landscape.