Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Forgive the tardiness of this post, but pictures are finally available. More importantly, there’s finally a few minutes in the day (here and there) to write it. This Christmas was extra special in that almost everyone was here from both sides of the family. What a treat for Olivia’s first Christmas! Paula and Steve hosted a fabulous Christmas Eve dinner with delicious food and great company. Thank you for convincing us to have dinner at your house rather than the original plan of hosting with a new baby! What were we thinking? 🙂 The Yankee Swap was a huge success across the board, and the Jacob family was a good sport participating in the Danish tradition of rice pudding before the main meal.

Jacob Clan:

Cronin Clan:

Though we never made it to Fort Worth or Dallas to see the Christmas lights in the fancy neighborhoods, we did manage a few excursions with the family to help show Dane and Claire the sites during their first visit to Texas. The week included many firsts for Olivia as she ventured beyond the hospital, the doctor’s office and Grandma’s house. What a difference it is to try and do anything outside the house when you have a newborn in tow!

Christmas decorations in downtown Grapevine

Dec 21 exploration

Dec 21 exploration




Fort Worth Zoo

Awake for the gorillas but that's about it

Fort Worth Zoo December 22

Awake only for the gorillas. Oh well – it was a beautiful day to walk around the zoo and it wasn’t even crowded! The highlight was the baby rhino.

Downtown Dallas & Sonny Bryan’s

Texas BBQ for Olivia's first restaurant

Texas BBQ for Olivia’s first restaurant
Despite appearances this is a restaurant not a bar!

Despite appearances this is a restaurant not a bar!

The biggest adventure for all was a white Christmas. Though beautiful, it wreaked havoc on travel plans for the Cronin crew. While we spent Christmas afternoon with the Jacobs, our guests were dealing with DFW fiascoes. All ended up eventually back at our house on Christmas night after various travel nightmares of delayed and cancelled flights. Luckily for them they were able to escape our crazy household to return to their previous plans early the next morning. For some this meant heading in to work (Dad), for others it meant racing to catch a flight for the next vacation plan (Dane and Claire). After various reroutes, paying for extra flights on a different airline, and a good friend meeting them at the airport with passports in hand, Dane and Claire successfully made their flight to Vienna. It was a Christmas miracle.

In addition to having all our family together for the first time since our wedding, and having Mom here to help out the week prior to Christmas, the best present of all this year was little Miss Olivia. Christmas 2012 will certainly be hard to beat.

Click here to see more pictures from Christmas Eve, Christmas and the rest of the week.


Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011 was another stretched out extravaganza filled with good food, friends, family and activities in various cities and states. So many great memories to file away in the brain.

The holiday season began by decorating the house Thanksgiving weekend, even if the decorations were only to be seen by the two of us. We spent a lovely weekend in Fort Wayne, Indiana mid-way through December to catch up with family in the mid-West and reminisce over Christmas past, missing those who could not be with us and savoring the company of those still around.

Christmas continued with the extended Texas Jacob clan, where Brendan brought us back to that pure childhood joy of being surprised with the perfect present.


Excitement knows no age boundaries…

IMG_6612.jpg IMG_6610.jpg IMG_6615.jpgIMG_6627.jpg

Then on to a more quiet celebration in the “bowling alley” room at home.

IMG_6576.jpg IMG_6588.jpg

Christmas culminated in a wonderful 8-day Boston visit. Not sure what the highlight of the trip would be since there are so many to choose from… Christmas Eve extravaganza with yummy food, exciting presents, and great company:

IMG_6657.jpg IMG_6655.jpg IMG_6676.jpg

Christmas day excursion to Worcester (via Paul Revere’s capture site) for Yahtzee with 99-yr old Grandma, followed by family basketball on Christmas night, stockings, and Spades:

IMG_6700.jpg IMG_6701.jpg

IMG_6713.jpg IMG_6730.jpg IMG_6718.jpg

Exploration of Boston for Mom’s birthday after brunch with the Salem witches: (A sampling of sub-highlights include visiting the USS Constitution & battle ships, Newbury Street, Museum of Fine Arts in matching sweaters, Italian delicacies in the North End, lots of walking in the cold & wind, and more!)

IMG_7302.jpg IMG_6772.jpg IMG_6779.jpg IMG_6782.jpg IMG_6795.jpg

Watching the process of raising a cupola to the roof of the barn, during which luckily no injuries were sustained:

IMG_7307.jpg IMG_7309.jpg IMG_7312.jpg IMG_7320.jpg IMG_7321.jpg

Or perhaps the countless “practice rounds” of Spades, tennis, and bowling… who’s to say which activity was the most entertaining when there are so many good options to choose from.

The only thing that is clear is that Christmas 2011 has created many fond memories which will remain even as all the holiday decorations come down and we move into 2012. Thank you to all who helped make this a great finish to 2011 and best wishes for a happy new year!

More pictures available from Texas (Thanksgiving & Christmas) and from Boston by clicking on the blue links.